Strengthening Northern Provincial Council (SNPC)

Since July 2015, TAF has been supporting the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) of Sri Lanka to effectively address challenges of post-war development through improved capacity to legislate, enhanced capacity to plan and deliver inclusive and equitable public services, and improved bilingual capacity of NPC members to discharge their mandated duties through the DFAT funded Sri Lanka Northern Provincial Council Capacity Building Program (NPCCBP).
The first phase of NPCCBP resulted in enabling outcomes including,

1. Development of nine new Statutes and providing support to the legal and policy units:

A workshop on Statute Development was facilitated by Mr. Selvakkunapalan, Senior Legal Draughtsman, Ministry of Justice, Government of Sri Lanka. The workshop focused on the legal and technical aspects of drafting statutes.

2. Launching a pioneering electronic Census on disabilities and vulnerabilities in association with the Ministry of Health

3. Commissioning an Advanced e-Learning unit for the Trilingual Centre to advance language competencies and rights

An Advanced eLearning Unit was inaugurated at the Northern Province Trilingual Learning Centre in Jaffna. The center will provide quality services to those interested in learning Sri Lankas national languages for personal and professional development:

  • Well-equipped air-conditioned lecture rooms with adequate seating
  • An eLearning Unit with state of the art computers and infrastructure
  • An exclusive training facility for simultaneous interpretation with supporting infrastructure
  • A library with publications and materials for reference

In addition to providing the above mentioned facilities, the Centre will engage with agencies such as University of Jaffna and National Institute of Language Education and Training to develop translation and interpretation skills of trilingual individuals

4. Improving the transparency and outreach of the Council by designing and commissioning a new web portal with facilities to display the Hansards (transcripts) of Council Meetings in a searchable format, audio recordings of the Council proceedings, details of the Council members, including their allocations and development works etc.