Subnational Governance Program (SNGP)

Welcome to Sri Lanka Subnational Governance Program and Its impact on Local Authorities

Building onto the gains from the DFAT Australia-funded Local Economic Governance (LEG) Program (2010-2015), The Asia Foundation (TAF) Sri Lanka has launched a strategic and flexible 42-months new initiative, the Sri Lanka Subnational Governance Program (SNGP) from November 2015. SNGP’s goal is to improve subnational governance in Sri Lanka through effective institutionalization of tested models for resilience, representation, and redress.



The ability to withstand, respond, and adapt to challenges in ways that are proactive, draws on own resources, builds local capacity, and ensures that essential needs are met are the implications of a Resilient Local Government. Enhanced revenue streams , improved public financial management and strengthened regulatory systems allow the achievement of measurable progress in strengthening the financial vitality of local governments.


The ability of people to express their views and the ways in which they are given space to do so matters, as it provides opportunities for public to engage with the state. Strengthening mechanisms of representation allows influence decision-making processes while holding their governments responsive and accountable.


Improving administrative mechanisms that allow citizens to seek remedies for poor treatment, mistakes or any injustices experienced in their dealings with the government enhances citizen compact with their governments. Redress includes citizen rights to public services, including the right to access services, right to quality and reliable services, and right to information and transparency.