Balangoda UC exposure visit to Jaffna MC

The Sub-national Governance Program has been continuously supporting Local Authorities across the island to reach a standard of excellence, with a special focus on three themes so far.

  1. Maximizing own revenue generation
  2. Improving arrears collection efficiency
  3. Enhancing citizen friendly services

The Jaffna MC has been a pilot site of The Asia Foundation for almost a decade, therefore, its standards along three themes are significantly high. The dedication and hard-work applied by Jaffna MC have resulted in the institution being a centre of excellence, especially in terms of using software to collect Assessment Tax, Miscellaneous Tax, Planning, having an Automated Front Office Service etc.
Given these strengths, SNGP facilitated an exposure visit for Balangoda UC, Anuradhapura MC, Peliyagoda UC, Nawalapitiya UC and Chillaw UC to visit Jaffna MC. The following report was submitted by Balangoda UC after the exposure visit.

The Balangoda UC noted the following as key learning points:

  • The Jaffna commissioner explained the manner in which the MC faces and addresses challenges of the people through their service delivery
  • The Assessment Tax software and Miscellaneous Tax software (placed in Jaffna MC) provided by The Asia Foundation was compared with the existing software of Balangoda UC and discussions were held on how the existing software could be improved further
  • The Planning application used by the MC and its advantages was discussed to identify how it could potentially benefit the Balangoda UC as well
  • Discussions were also held on a Complaints Management System Application which is not in use in Balangoda but was identified as a necessity
  • Engaging in discussions with the Jaffna MC staff on how to integrate back office support when implementing these systems which are largely situated in the front office

The Balangoda UC was extremely grateful to have been given special opportunity to visit the Jaffna library on a day when the library was closed to the public. The UC was inspired by the visit and hopes to use the standards of the Jaffna library, to uplift the public library under the care of Balangoda UC.

The UC expressed their thanks to The Asia Foundation for organizing the tour, extending a special mention to the commissioner of Jaffna MC for his support. The UC hopes to use the experience to improve their services to the citizens and the productivity of their work.

The following report was submitted by Balangoda UC after the visit.

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