An Honorable Twist to Citizen Engagement

An Honorable Twist to Citizen Engagement

The Urban Council of Chillaw took a unique, noteworthy step towards enhancing the relationship between the local government institution and its citizenry in February 2017. The secretary A.A. Jayasiri recognized five individuals of the urban council area who have silently served their community and country over the years. In an attempt to honor these individuals and extend the gratitude of the district towards these five individuals, an awards ceremony was held to honor them. They were ceremoniously awarded the “මුතුපුර කීර්ති ශ්රී සම්මානය”, translating to “Pride of Chillaw: Award”

Awarding local heroes

In many local government institutions, the concept of citizen engagement is discussed with the intension of receiving input/feedback from citizens or reaching to them to efficiently collect their taxes. It is not always a common occurrence for local government institutions to recognize local heroes for their contribution to society at large. The initiative has the potential to humanize the relationship between bureaucrats and the general public, two groups who are meant to work together in cooperation towards achieving a productive outcome. Unfortunately the reputation of many local government institutions is tarnished by corruption and inefficiency. The vicious cycle fuels citizens to abstain from paying taxes or using local government services, reducing the local governments own revenue and inhibiting their financial capacity to improve their services. If more local governments close the gap in their relationship with the public and build trust in their partnership, we could potentially witness a new culture of public participation in local government.

The following five individuals received were awarded by the council.


Mr. G.P. Jayawardene

Mr Jayawardene was recognized for consciously staying healthy and donating blood once every four months. He has donated blood over 100 times in total.


Mr. S.M. Aluthwatta

Mr Aluthwatta was recognized for his excellence in literature and bringing pride to Chillaw through his work and winning multiple awards.


Mr. T.H.D.M. Silva

Mr. Silva was awarded for his efforts to preserve and continue the traditional sculpting and carving industry in this modern age, keeping the ancient techniques and practices alive in Chillaw.


Mr. M.C. Jayamal Deen

Mr. Deen, a former football referee was awarded for his contribution to revive and support football in the community.   Recognized for bringing pride to Chillaw , especially for succeeding in the international sphere.


Mr. Shemal Milinda Perera

Mr. Shemal, a student at St. Mary’s College Chillaw was awarded for his incredible achievements in athletics. He had won many events in the past and recognized specially for being awarded best athlete at the Junior John Tarbet Athletics meet with a new record in 200m in 2016.



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