Digitization of documents in Jaffna MC

The Municipal Council of Jaffna is mandated to regulate the land and buildings within the MC area, include the coordination of the following processors;

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Sub-division of lands into plots
  • Amalgamation of land plots

The project to digitize land related documents at the MC is for better urban development and management Often, land and building related approval processes are  considered as time consuming and highly unsatisfactory for citizens. About 800 – 1000 applications are processed by JMC every year related to lands and buildings. Most of these are approval sought for construction of buildings for housing purposes. Many citizen have lost their land related documents during the conflict.

There was an impending need for a solution to improve efficiency of delivering building related regulatory services

  • More services are sought after the war ended
  • Citizen and businesses were constantly dissatisfied due to delays
  • The delays lead to illegal constructions


Local Economics Governance Program:  Interventions

1. Restoring the old files manually prior to digitization by engaging volunteers to sort the old files, organize the existing documents and prepare for digitization.


2. Scanning documents and creating soft copies.


3. An automated system was created to facilitate fast processing of applications for building approvals.

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