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Strengthening Economic Resilience of Local Governments
What is Governance?

Governance is a process whereby government, private sector, civil society, law enforcement agencies, and community groups and organizations make important decisions, determine where they want to go together and whom they want to involve in the process of decision-making. It is not just something about government, it is also about political parties, legislature, judiciary, media, civil society, citizens, organizations and public institutions. Governance involves interactions, knowledge systems, structures, processes and traditions that determine power, responsibility and decision making.

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What is Citizen Participation?

Citizen participation is a process through which citizens influence public decisions that affect their lives and the lives of other citizens. Citizen participation can be active when citizens interact with their elected officials or the staff of a local government to influence a public policy decision. It can also be passive when citizens simply attend a public meeting to receive information on the status of a new government programe or when they show up to vote at an election.

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What is Revenue Process Audit (RPA)?

Revenue Process Audits are useful to identify all forms of revenue sources legitimized within the legal framework of local authorities. The RPA is a systematic review process which facilitates the scrutiny of procedures adopted by respective local authorities to mobilize taxation and revenue collection. The RPA helps to identify gaps and shortcomings in the taxing and revenue collection process while also identity remedial measure to overcome them.

What is Green Growth
As governments move towards globalized efforts of sustainability, green initiatives are rapidly integrated in Local government worldwide. Our environment has proved time and time again that human development is best envisioned in unison with the environment.

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